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Of the men that e-mailed her, she started e-mailing one of them regularly, and within the week they were talking on the phone for ages most evenings. Jackie went up to her room to talk leaving Hannah downstairs watching TV. Her nappy was already wet, but she hadn't been changed. She was sat on the sofa so she tried to go like that, but couldn't. When she had done, she sat on the floor and mushed it up making it more comfortable. Once downstairs Hannah lay down on the sofa and put her thumb in her mouth.

She had been at university for two and a half months. Some of them were living in the halls of residence, whilst others were from the local area and lived at home. The pull-ups are only there in case you have an accident. Louise worked in an office so worked the regular nine to five, Monday to Friday. Thanks" "Well I'm going to go get a shower and get ready for work. On her way out of the room she went over to Hannah and kissed the top of her head quickly. She went in the bathroom and pulled down her jeans and pull-up then sat on the toilet.

Once they were both comfortable, Jackie put the teat in Hannah's mouth and Hannah suckled her juice.

She liked that her mum was treating her like a baby.

After she had finished wetting, her mum came back in the room. She made sure that it was on properly, and then she left Hannah to get dressed. She had used to keep knickers in that drawer as well, but she didn't have any now. She put her bra on and then went over to the bed to put her socks on, her pull-up crinkling as she walked. It was only went she was with other people that she sometimes got self-conscious and thought they could tell she was in a pull-up.

Hannah quickly finished getting ready and she packed her bag for university.

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