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Similarly, Doctor Who and the Daleks ignores the events of An Unearthly Child and thus creates a continuity hiccup for those who first read the novelisation of An Unearthly Child, which wasn't published until the early 1980s. Allen and/or related publishers began issuing hardcover editions of the novels.

(This situation is not confined to 1970s issues; in the 1980s the novelisation of Mindwarp contained an epilogue that contradicted the ending of a later novelisation, The Ultimate Foe.) The Muller reprints were not the last books by another publisher to be reissued by Target, as the company also published a new edition of The Making of Doctor Who, a book previously issued by Piccolo Books. In some cases these predated the paperback editions by months.

Under Target, for example, Spearhead from Space became Doctor Who and the Auton Invasion.

They were successful in commissioning novelisations even from writers who had last worked on the series in the 1960s.Target Books was a publishing imprint set up in 1972 as a range of paperback fiction for readers of approximately 14 years of age.It was for its long lived and highly successful range of Doctor Who novelisations that Target became best known. Many of the hardcovers are considered rare, given that they received far smaller distribution than the paperbacks (especially outside the UK).Often they were published simultaneously, and in the case of a few of the 1974–75 books hardcover editions weren't published for nearly a decade.During the 1980's, experimentally, Target published two original novels featuring further adventures of the Doctor's companions, Turlough and the Earthlink Dilemma by Tony Attwood and Harry Sullivan's War by Ian Marter, who had played Harry Sullivan on television.

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Target also took up three scripts from the "lost" version of Season 23 which, due to the delay and re-thinking of Season 23 by the then-current production team of Doctor Who, never made their way onto screen.

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