Deaf hard of hearing dating site

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Many deaf sites exist for those with a hearing loss and that includes a means for deaf people to receive deaf world news, review deaf events in Maryland, deaf events NYC or deaf events Bay Area, connect with deaf groups, create a deaf directory, find deaf resources, find a deaf chat online website, a deaf website and so much more.

Because of the Internet, many deaf culture websites have sprung up and provide a wealth of resources for the deaf.

This also pertains to the frequency of sound a person may or may not hear.

While some people have specific difficulties in hearing low- or high-pitched sounds, some people cannot hear anything at all.

I toured with my plays, wrote scripts, even founded a theatre company.

I had radio plays broadcast and played Gabby in the Channel 4 series Cast Offs.

Your instructor can help you get involved in local Deaf events.

Hearing aids saved me for a while, making the most of the dwindling sound I could pick up, but I had to lip-read in tandem with them, which I found crushingly exhausting.

Even with hearing aids, the only sounds I could discern were muffled, as if I were under water.

Inside my head was a cacophony of small noises from tinnitus, the result of my brain making up sounds of its own.

It is a common misunderstanding that deaf people live in silence.

I often felt isolated and moody, and focused on my career.

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