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My DH has wanted to work in "the desert" for some time but I have always had a more reserved view.

My concerns being lifestyle for the children, Traffic, realistic cost of living, religion.... I know that au pairs are common in the UAE but realistically, I don't want someone else taking care of my kids, that's my job...

It's near enough for her to commute into AD city so may well be close enough for Dubai as well. Alixe x I live in Dubai and school places have been an issue in the past, however there have been several schools with excellent reputations opened in the last year, have a look at Nord Anglia, Kings Al Barsha, Kings Nad Al Sheba, Foremarke, these should all have places as they are newly opened.

I am feeling quite anxious about the move, we have been to Dubai a couple of times for holidays but never to live and I'm concerned about being able to make new friends and having no support network, i am a brand new mum so everything is very overwhelming at the moment. Is there a certain area/community you would recommend to live as a young family?

We currently live in a good sized family home, we are waiting for our relocation package , I am hoping the living (rent ) and school fee allowance is enough for a least a villa style property and the school worry is will there be spaces.

I am confident we will be happy and adapt as long as we are together that's the main thing.

Many thanks Charlotte Hi Charlotte, I'm moving to Dubai mid Aug with a 7 year old and a 2 year old and my husband is also already there, I have never been but am pretty well travelled so I'm obviously quite concerned also, I live in Ruislip manor just now, do you know where in Dubai you will be and where do you live now perhaps we could get in touch prior to leaving? Regards, Judy Hi Judy, Thank you for your response.

Not long for you and your children until you leave for Dubai then? We are currently looking for somewhere to live but we are struggling with which area to pick.

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Oh and Erin will probably be along shortly (she lives in Abu Dhabi city and strangely enough we hooked up through this site! I'll PM you my FB/email in case you want to add me Alixe x Hiya, Not sure if u r still in the UK or moved already to UAE, I lived in Dubai for 2 years...have to say the 1st year was hard to integrate but mostly to do with fact I was at stay home mum (very common in Dubai) and found that hard, but the last year I absolutely loved it.

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