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This episode only served to spread pseudoscience and anti-rationalism.

Radiolab's appeal is the appreciation of science and engineering.

This episode demonstrates this show isn't really above that. Jeff was ready to wed until he found the answers he was looking for. In today's America it is very hard to have reasonable dialogue about faith, our dichotomic society tries to pin us against each other every chance it gets.But it turns out the ground beneath his own feet was shifting that summer...and he found himself desperately searching for some rock-solid evidence to help him figure out his future.In 2010, Lulu Miller was biking across the country, taking some time to clear her head for a new phase of life.And somewhere in Nevada, she ran into a guy named Jeff Viniard who was on a similar journey.

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" Twenty minutes of an anecdote about a guy dealing with his faith is NOT why I support Radiolab. I hope no NSF funding went toward this waste of airtime, because it would be better spent on actual science outreach. As a minister I find myself talking to many people who share Jeff's story on one level or another.