Housewives and webcams

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Housewives and webcams

I suddenly felt a pair of hands rubbing my shoulders softly, before leaning forward and going down my shirt. It was was Deb, a small Asian woman with beautiful eyes and long shiny black hair."I've been watching you this whole time." she whispered into my ear, tweaking my nipple with her fingers.I understood completely, as my own pussy was becoming very saturated watching my friends performance.Monica finally stopped what she was demonstrating, and began to chuckle. " she said in a mocking tone, as she and Lara locked together in deep eye contact.It was a large house, one of the nicer homes in the neighborhood. It was a little darker than the rest of the brightly lit home, but very nice. She was short, with a cute figure, curvy but toned. "Thank you for coming." her voice practically purred, lingering on the handshake.There were several oversized couches, and lounge chairs, and this room was carpeted with beautiful, plush cut pile wool. "Please make yourself at home." I was passed around the room and introduced to many women.

"If you can't beat them, join them." With that she began to slowly unbutton Lara, as Lara reached up and began to rub the buzzing vibrator across Monica's full red lips.As we settled into our seats, Monica went up to the front of the room, where several totes were on a table."Now ladies, as I take out each item, I'll give a brief demonstration, and then pass it around so that everyone has a chance to check out the merchandise." she said, her almond eyes gleaming.There were several women already talking around the room, and I searched around, looking for Lara. There was Teresa, a hot Latina with a very strong accent, and beautiful full lips. She had huge tits, it was the first thing you noticed, with a tiny waist and golden curls.Also Andrea, another blonde, who had that all American soccer mom look going for her.

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So like the good and dutiful wife I am, I smiled and made the best of it. It was perfect, on a quiet street in an established suburb. I met a woman in the park soon after we moved in, named Lara. We had a lot in common; our kids were close in age. A few other women in the neighborhood would be there, and she thought it'd be a nice way for me to make some new friends.