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Max dating stories

Although he was initially ignored by the academic community, he furthered his work on the field of heat theory and discovered one after another the same thermodynamical formalism as Gibbs without realizing it.

Clausius's ideas on entropy occupied a central role in his work.

In 1948 the German scientific institution the Kaiser Wilhelm Society (of which Planck was twice president), was renamed the Max Planck Society (MPS).Soon the Planck home became a social and cultural center.Numerous well-known scientists, such as Albert Einstein, Otto Hahn and Lise Meitner were frequent visitors.The Munich physics professor Philipp von Jolly advised Planck against going into physics, saying, "in this field, almost everything is already discovered, and all that remains is to fill a few holes." Planck replied that he did not wish to discover new things, but only to understand the known fundamentals of the field, and so began his studies in 1874 at the University of Munich.Under Jolly's supervision, Planck performed the only experiments of his scientific career, studying the diffusion of hydrogen through heated platinum, but transferred to theoretical physics.

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In June 1880, he presented his habilitation thesis, Gleichgewichtszustände isotroper Körper in verschiedenen Temperaturen (Equilibrium states of isotropic bodies at different temperatures).

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