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Retro redubs dating problems comic book

Scheib claims to be using techniques developed in his famous auto paint shops for the spa.

Earl explains: "It came to my attention that the kids working in my shops were very, very healthy.

WELL WE'RE qonha bust 'em IF IT TAKES EVERy PEACE OFfl CEZ/N FLO&PA TO DO Wl STILL HEAR "THOSE NOISES BACK THEIZE, JUNIE BETH! WEEK/4: Mc Ronald's cut my tab off, forcing me to sell every '61 VW-Bug in the yard. Hour later, whole buncha guys in brown shirts, marchin' funny, showed up and cleaned the yard of VW-Bugs at a group discount rate of 50c each. They won't let me have anything sharp-not even a #2 pencil. A key stumbling block in the negotia- tions is said to be the Marsmo- bile.

WBLL, woo see IN SPITS OF ALL SOUR PATROLS AND ROAP BLOCKS AMD HBUCOPTBRS... - - TH£W R&ALLW PIP RUN THe GATOR 6RANP PRIX TONIGHT... / GUESS EVERYSOPY KINPA FORGOT TO MENTION THAT THE GATOR GRANP PRIX WAS FOR RADIO CONTROLLED MOPBL GOSHAftoo Ti C // /*\y toew/ Suzuki &sx-K is He Ke/ TH6SE e Aeies are RACE-REApy STREET Bl KES Rl&HT OUTTA THE BOX not otouy HA& IT GOT A BUT THE BAR' FOOTPe& - SEAT RELATIONSHIP Puts you into A /c£"/1/~ RACE'S - - ' V THAT RACER'S CFOJCH IS Aw SO WHAT U£TS y ATAKE FUUU APVAIOTA&E OFTHE &TEERUO& G-EOMETRy FOR. Found a '77 Mamick roadster with marblized headlights . there goes college and everything else including a Transformer, sold part by part. -rue ISUAAJP/ AFTER ALL, ip You'ee-fio NNj A" (go OFF GOAD You've (Sorr A » Ak/e A 2o AD to so OFF OF/ NOT A ^P6CK Op PI(2T ANYm&& om mis e»u Azee.

Judy Borzoil (sister of CARtooner Julie) took this photo of Jose as he waited for a police helicopter to lift him to safety. Miss O'Whiner's prizes consisted of 50 lottery tickets, a free engine overhaul, a ticket to Rod Mc Kuens reading of 'My Tractor, My Friend' and a night on the town with the midget of her choice! A four year old Shawn (above) displays artistic ability early in life, and a lifelong obsession with cars (right). How did you get involved with the maga- zine to begin with? About a month later I get this HUGE check in the mail. Did you know that Rembrandt did his most famous paintings while on a boat? A rare 'shot' of Shawn (far left) at age J 7 during her brief stint with the womans auxiliary section of the Guardian An- gels, (below) The spunky Ms. I mean, there really is no reason that girls can't or don't have more to do with comics. ( Below,) Shawn in her element, cutting some foam in her yacht the Tuna Tooner. BORTZOIL: On the other hand, besides your boat, you collect sports cars don't you? Some people collect stamps, I collect overpriced European sports cars.

• ill i f \ - Other events con- sisted of George Hamil- ton jumping his 14 ton earthmover over a bevy of Elvis impersonators, Eddy Murphy disman- tling a tractor with „ a power saw and of course, everyones favorite, the r i di n g 1 a w n m ow er demolition derby! I've always loved sailing and this seemed like a good, legal way to buy my own boat. Kerri (front) enjoys a ride down the Petersen water slide with aspiring novelist Fram O'Fram. I suppose that because of my name, a lot of people aren't sure if I'm a girl or not, so I don't think I've ever had any problem with that.

WEEK/8: Incredibly mindblowin' moment of discovery: The kit Transformer changes non-edible materials into deliciously edible substances! " Reagan stuck a on MUFFLER AWARD Shortly after recieving a small, gold-plated muffler by an Illinois automobile plant for his many contributions to the industry, President Reagan painfully wedged both of his thumbs into the mini- award.

With the shoe department removed to make room for a studio audience, lovely Ope (as we like to call her) burned up some calories as she whizzed from one product to the next playing consumer advocate.


Unloaded 'em on "Unloaded tt on a freak named Mein Furhcr for We..." 34 some Hollywood Boulevard freak-calling himself Mein Furher-at 99* each. Never thought I'd learn the crummy art of business. Found a really strange science kit in a '70 Lomax Turbo Chase van. To cities, counties and states-until Western Union had my remaining WEEK/11: County Health Department rep showed up. Girlfriend's stepfather (a meanfaced Shrink who never liked me) showed up. Just when I discovered what fabulous table wines and/or soda pop the Transformer makes from Regular, Super-Unleaded and Motor Oil! A spokesperson for NASA claims the Soviets have rejected their proposal of "...a really bitchin' rebuilt Chevy Nova with a 427 small-block hemi, cherry bucket seats, cruise control and an Earl Scheib paint job." The NASA official explained: "AHHH, those Russkies..class, ya know what I mean..? Nancy's Mew Slogan: JUST SAY BUCKLE UPf telly savalas extracts Mower engine from elephant seal Thanks to ex-Kojak star Telly Savalas, what could have been a serious gastrointestinal problem for Shelly the elephant seal, turned out to be the highlight of the Celebrity Auto Show at L. It seems while most of the crowd and crew were watching Vanna White wax a Hero with a Round-tailed Muskrat, Shelly flopped backstage and tried to swallow a glistening 351 blower en- gine.

Spent the whole week, studyin' the kit instructions and assemblin' it. Quick thinking Telly reached in the blubbery mammal and retrieved the engine to everyones delight.

Man, when those folks at Tinkertoy Nuclear Educational Playthings put a kit together, it beats 1 1-years of Shop in anybody's school. The kit changes electron/neutron patterns of all metallic, glass and plastic materials. Got an electricity billing of ,550.99 for current (no pun intended) charges from the local Utility Company. The Zoo quickly put Telly under contract and now performs the act daily.

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Asked by local authorities to explain the bi- zarre incident, Judith said, "Well, being sech a biggun an' all, s'ard ta keep him tethered down! KERRI: Oh, I like all kinds of artists especially action-oriented ones like Jack Davis, Tex Avery and Aubrey Beardsley. BORTZOIL: Well, thanks Shawn, you're an inspi- ration to women cartoonists everywhere! BORTZOIL: (Laughing) I think we'll end it with that.

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