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By accelerating gene-seed replication and implantation in a manner not attempted since the wars in which the Emperor conquered Terra, the Legion's numbers could be restored.But the ancient texts had been placed under seals so dire that only a Primarch or the Emperor Himself could have bypassed them, and with good reason.The Raven Guard are known for their cool-headed, even intellectual temperament, their superb infiltration skills and skill at furious close-quarters engagements.The Raven Guard are the masters of unseen and guerrilla warfare, only engaging in frontal assaults when no other option presents itself.

For thousands of standard years, across thousands of worlds, they have continued to stalk the enemies of the Imperium as shadows of death, waiting for the perfect moment to deliver the killing blow before melting back into the darkness once more.

Falling prey to the Warmaster's perfidy, the Legion was devastated, and along with the Salamanders and the Iron Hands -- the so-called "Shattered Legions" -- forced to fall back to the Loyalists' drop zone where it could consolidate with the second wave of the assault and renew the attack on the Traitors.

As history records, the Legions of the second wave were already in the sway of Horus, and the Raven Guard and their brothers were massacred.

Some hold that each of the great Space Marine Legions was created with a specific role in mind, and certainly this assertion is born out of the deeds and deameanour of many.

The Imperial Fists were in so many ways the Emperor's loyal praetorians and champions, while the Ultramarines were His dutiful, resplendent hosts.

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