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Speed dating witney

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Three ambulances, three rapid response vehicles, two officers and the air ambulance remain at the scene after the first call to emergency services was received at 8.22am this morning. There were two vehicles facing my but on further inspection I could see two cars had gone into the back of each other."There was a vehicle screwed up with dents all over and a lady on the floor in a serious condition."There was further destruction behind me.

Lorry driver Ben Starkey, who witnessed the horrific incident unfold, said: "It happened just further ahead of me. At the moment I would say there's around 10 cars in front of me and six or seven behind me. There's a lot of debris on the floor."Another driver, who asked to remain anonymous, told the Oxford Mail he joined the road from Brize Norton and saw the aftermath of an initial crash in front of him. A few vehicles went flying past me and caused another crash where we were."Whether the roads were gritted properly I don't know but it was treacherous underfoot.

The automatic loom enabled a weaver to manage more than one loom simultaneously.

The Sulzer loom was also a fully automatic form of loom, although working on a completely different principle.

Early's used them to handle Fiberwoven fabric in wet and dry states.

The rolls are 500 yards long by 4 feet in diameter.

Six vehicles are believed to have suffered significant damage and a further 10 to 15 with minor damage.

A number of people are believed to have been injured.“Road closures are currently in place and drivers are advised to avoid the area.”It is unknown exactly how many people have been injured as yet, but ambulance services are at the scene.

A spokesman for the ambulance service told the Oxford Mail: “We think there at least four collisions.

She said: "I saw cars going zooming past me and trying to swerve out the way of the stationary cars but crashing into them," she said."I saw one car try swerve in between a Mini and another car, ending up crashing into the Mini and flying up in the air."I saw two cars swerve as they braked so hard and go flying into the barrier in the middle of the road ...

it was carnage."A police spokesman said: “Officers were called today at about 8.25am following reports of a collision involving multiple vehicles on the A40, Witney.“Officers are at the scene along with the fire and rescue services.

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