Tom dating desperate housewives

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—Mary Alice (Brenda Strong) spent her last moments on earth “as I spent every other day, quietly polishing the routine of my life until it gleaned with perfection.” Then she shot herself in the head.

Her passing served as the catalyst for the most compelling mystery the series ever did while her tongue-in-cheek gossip gave the soapy dramedy its unique voice.

What happened on Wisteria Lane in its eighth season just could not compete with that reality.

However, the show delivered a sweet if predictable goodbye, with Cherry himself making a cameo as a moving guy, and all of the lane’s deceased loved and hated neighbors—except for Edie, of course—showing up for one last moment of face time.

Viewers were thrilled to welcome Teri Hatcher, Nicollette Sheridan, Felicity Huffman, and Marcia Cross back to television, and newcomer Eva Longoria became a household name overnight.

From the moment viewers saw a fully dressed Lynette (Huffman) dive into a pool to fetch her rebellious sons during a wake, to Gabrielle (Longoria) mowing the lawn in her formal-wear, the actresses became highly coveted megastars.

And Susan leaves Wisteria Lane to help her daughter, Julie, raise her baby.As Susan drives away, the last ghost she sees is Mary Alice (Brenda Strong), whose last words to viewers are: “Even the most desperate life is oh so wonderful.But only a lucky few realize the gift they’ve been given.When Desperate Housewives premiered in 2004 with more than 21 million viewers, primetime television was never the same, and neither was pop culture.Being a “desperate housewife” became a thing; 40-year-old women were, for the first time, perceived as sexually vibrant; and women everywhere sighed with relief that they weren’t the only ones exasperated by their children.

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