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The church explained that they began planning to transition each church into an autonomous congregation a few years ago starting with the Denton campus.

They weren't sure when to move ahead with the other campus so they prayed."There was not a specific timeline in place for the other campuses; instead, we would rely on the Holy Spirit and when it felt right to do so.

Redeemer church in New York City began the process of multiplying into three generative congregations around the city in 2011, according to the church's website."These congregations, each with its own lead pastor, will be unique in some ways, but Redeemer will remain one church body located east, west and south of Central Park.

As three 'sister' congregations united by our preaching," it noted.

Deborah Liao wrote: 'As long as there is good wi-fi, I do not need to worry about local employment and can work remotely.'I have no need for a €2,000 incentive either, just beautiful mountain air and far away from cities.' A manager at one of the village's restaurants warned potential residents they would have to find some activities to help entertain themselves.

Some 50 properties were affected by the flooding, but no injuries were reported, a council spokesman said, although several people were rescued from their homes.This is one property listed in the village of Bormida - a semi-detached house with four bedrooms and a bathroom.The two-storey home boasts a kitchen, living room, utility room, garage, cellar and legnaia - an outdoor decked area.For those looking to get out of the village, it is based near the bus stop and has its own private garden. There is central heating, it comes fully furnished and is in good condition, according to the listing.At the moment, it is listed for €350 a month, but tenants could see this price drop to €12.50 a week under the new scheme introduced by the mayor.

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Those willing to relocate to Bormida, in the mountainous region of Liguria in north-west Italy will join just 394 other people with a promise of the simple life.