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The methods for configuring an environment's update architecture include: The default behavior and best practice in most cases is to configure sites to download updates from the Symantec Live Update server.When you configure a site to download updates, one or more management servers download the updatesnd places the updates in the database.If an Endpoint Protection Manager cannot run Live Update or has no access to Internet or internal source servers, you can update the server's Virus and Spyware Protection (antivirus) definitions by manually applying a file that you make for this purpose.For details, see Download files to update definitions for Endpoint Protection Manager.The Group Update Provider provides updates to clients in the group, and any subgroups that inherit policies as set on the Clients tab.If you have clients in a group at a remote location that have bandwidth issues over the WAN, make a client in the group the Group Update Provider.Therefore, the policy does not appear with other policies under locations in the console.To view and change the Live Update Content policy that is applied to a group When you create a Live Update Settings policy, you have the option of specifying a Group Update Provider (GUP).

Problem: The Virus Definitions are not updating as per schedule that you set on KAV profile Cause: The profile did not properly get assigned to the machine Resolution: If you notice that the virus definitions are out of date, go to the profile and under "Update Option" check and see what setting was applied Login to the machine, locally, and open the Kaspersky UI, under Update, confirm if the settings match the profile If they do not match, reapply the profile to see if the settings get applied this time.

The Endpoint Protection Manager then uses these definitions to distribute updates to clients.

In most Symantec Endpoint Protection (SEP) deployments, the Endpoint Protection Manager will download and distribute materials to all of its Windows clients efficiently.

If you continue to have issues, please submit a Support Ticket.

If the database server is out of space or if the table used to store definitions has reached its quota, there will likely be error messages in the Windows Event Logs.

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For an example, please see Could not allocate space for object 'dbo.

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