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Related: How to Tinder: 8 tips to improve your chance of getting a date OK, let's get it out of the way first, Tinder is by far the biggest dating app in the world right now, and with good reason - it works.

Whether you're right-swiping for love or something a little more casual, it's got the sort of people you're looking for, and plenty more besides.

Once the dialogue option comes up (after much kissing and flirting), choose Woo Hoo and watch how quickly they make a beeline for the bedroom.

Why its great: The bed is a classic place for romance, dating back to the ability to play in bed in The Sims: Livin Large.

This members-only dating platform started in Amsterdam in 2012, and has since expanded to Milan, Barcelona, Paris, Stockholm and London.

Things loosened up when the concept of Woo Hooing was introduced in The Sims 2, and with The Sims 3 and its six expansions, Sims are presented with over a dozen zany places to get it on.

Nothing says respecting the military like sneaking off during a tour for a little hanky panky.

And theres always a chance your Sims might get busted and thrown out onto the street, with your Sims nudity exposed in all its pixilated glory. How to get it on: Just like the military base, Woo Hooing in this rabbit hole requires two lovers to tour it together.

For one thing, its comfortable; for another, its also really convenient for that post-Woo Hoo nap.

How to get it on: Tour the local military base with a romantic partner.

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