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Xx sexy girl live

I really hope they do not discontinue this fragrance. I had high expectations from Hugo Boss because I own Deep Red and love it a lot. I love to spray it on shirt,as the smell stays longer n continously scented for days,and even after I have washed my clothes. If I would have choose one word to describe it, it would be "proper". Sparkly, and sweet in a good way (I usually don't go for sweet.....ever). I can see spraying this MANY times to get any sort of projection and longevity.

I can easily pick up the notes of fresh citrusy-sweet mandarin orange n also juicy,a bit powdery-orientally like scent of litchi from its initial spray.comes the jasmine n a little bit of rose scent.unique part of hugo XX is,it has basmathi rice (I got this composition in hugo boss official website)...perhaps,the basmathi rice ingredient used,makes hugo XX very special n memorable in my heart.. I love to wear it during day n night time..me, I just want to be scented all day..is neither seasonal nor weather appropriate kinda perfume.can be worn at anytime n as long as u feel comfortable with hugo XX,you will wear it unconditionally...like me- It is a soft, uncomplicated scent. It's an unoffensive, light, discrete scent, especially for spring and summer, suitable for a young girl or a woman, who likes rather feminine and sweet scents, but doesn't want to jump on the candy-floss bandwagon. I will definitely enjoy this bottle, but not buy again because of the lack of strength.

It's as if the bottom notes disappeared and resurrected as the florals, then lasted on me till next morning! First time testing a Hugo Boss scent and I must say, am not disappointed! I can't say it's the most unique perfume in the world,but it's definitely not can be perfect for spring and summer,not as rich as most of golden bottles,it more likely transfers the freshness of a transparent bottle.

But because there's something sexy going on too, you can easily wear this one for a night out.

Definetly for classy women who like too have some fun too.

I had this one a long time ago and I really loved it!! but I remember I had the edp version back then, but now all I can find is the edt version... the name's seems like it's more about sexuality,not gender or personality.though the scent alone doesn't reach the idea of the name.

by the way I like XY are modern perfumes with great smelling.

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I'm the happy owner of this fragrance again after some years.

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